You can get an early Naruto 628 spoilers of the manga every Wednesday while the Naruto 628 scans English version were out on Thursday.

naruto 628 manga

Unlikely, there should be some mechanics to prevent it happens as its too much of a game breaker. After so much effort to build up an epic fight between god level combatants (lit. with their unlimited charka and immortal bodies) it would be a massive let down to let them be controlled that easy. In the previous chapters it said something along the line of “1st hokage moving on his own for a while” while the 2nd was stopped by Orochimaru’s control.

True other translations, but given the context of them previously not doing anything til forced and later on willing dying… And I don’t think there’s any doubt that the mastermind behind it, Danzo, acted out of greed considering what he managed to salvage in the aftermath.

I am kinda glad that sasuke has at least for the moment appeared to be saved from his darkness. This does not mean is ok and will just come strolling back to the village. I think naruto and Sasuke after the war will vow to change the village and force those 2 elders to retire and they will work to build a better village where another itachi is never born. Naruto is best suited to be Hokage and Sasuke is best suited to be his right hand.


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